Luca Marcosano, Italy

" A personal and professional challenge valued for its flexible schedule allowing me time for family, sport, and career. "

Michelle Valeria Nietlishpach, Switzerland
Head of Group Controlling Global – Balluun

" Able to combine a full time job with the rigours of an MBA. "

Alvin Korkie, Namibia
Chief Commercial Officer – MTC

" Being able to to study for my MBA and hold an executive position simultaneously has only been possible through EBS. "

Rim Kassem Youssef, Lebanon
Patients Admission Manager – Emirates Speciality Hospital

" Just the right program. I could manage my patients and studies effectively. "

Yves Michel Menon, Canada
Associate Trade Analyst, Amway

" It was a tough decision to leave my comfort zone to go back and gain more experience and knowledge, however, I have enjoyed my time pursuing my MBA. "

Ghazal Khan, Pakistan
Product Manager – VIVA, Landmark Group

" The Executive MBA programme is well designed and executed for busy working professionals like me. It has helped me to develop a focussed career plan along with my academic growth. "

Philicia Robinson, South Africa
Head Of Operations, African Bank

" Ongoing development is of utmost importance in an ever-changing business world. Obtaining my EMBA qualification will enhance my career path and allow me to grow and develop professionally. "

Shalini Balakrishnan, India
Medical Data Analyst/Content Editor Manuh Solutions

" Well planned and executed the online interactive sessions. Though the learning model is new for me, I have absorbed it like a fish to the water. The flexible class schedules fit perfectly and I have to bother missing neither my classes nor my consultations and surgeries. "

Che Fernandez Jalover, Philippines
Laboratory Technician Saudi Methacrylate Company

" I am impressed with the advanced learning management tools of EBS which makes learning easier for working executives like me. The professors and mentors have been of great support in ensuring effective and practical applications of knowledge acquired. "

Senthil Nathan, Singapore
Manager, KPMG Singapore

" Time challege is the least concern in this program , thanks to the state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). Quite flexible and effective learning for busy working professionals like me. "

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Connect with the ones near  you  

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