Staff Induction Policy - Eaton Business School


1. Objectives

The College recognises the need for induction as the first step in welcoming a new employee to CTM. The purpose of this policy is to:

1.1 inform the new employee

1.2 clarify to the employee their role within the organisation and to help the employee settle in at the College as quickly as possible

1.3 explain how the new employee will be supported in making an effective contribution within the organisation

1.4 ensure the new employee is aware of policies and procedures

2. Scope

This policy applies to all new staff (full-time, part-time, permanent, and temporary) and staff who are promoted or transferred to a new post.

3. Key Points

3.1 Induction will be carried out on an individual basis.

3.2 In the case of administrative staff induction will be undertaken by the Senior Administrator. For academic staff health and safety and HR induction will be by the Senior Administrator.  All other aspects will be the responsibility of the Programme Managerl.

3.3  Review and evaluation of the induction process is the responsibility of the member of staff carrying out the induction and should be carried out in the fourth week of the employee starting the new job.


1. New Staff

  • Health, safety and welfare induction within first week of commencing employment.
  • Personnel induction within the second week of commencing employment.

To be arranged by the line manager

  • Introduction to the staff team on day one.

Academic Staff

  • Curriculum/learning and teaching induction within one week of commencing employment.
  • Organisational and administration induction within third week of commencing employment.

Administrative Staff

  • Organisational and administration induction within one week of commencing employment.
  • Curriculum induction within third week of commencing employment.

Review and Evaluation

The line manager should evaluate the effectiveness of induction, discuss key work objectives for the coming year and identify training and development needs, within the framework of the Staff Development Policy no later than 3 months after initial employment.

2. Staff in a New Post

The line manager will ensure that staff who are promoted, transfer to a new post at the same grade/level are given an appropriate induction into their new responsibilities through a structured programme.

• In devising the induction programme the line manager should, where relevant follow a similar format to that planned for new starts.

• A review and evaluation should be arranged by the line manager as soon as possible after the post is taken up and no later than one month from the date of commencement.