Staff Development Policy - Eaton Business School


1. Policy Statement

1.1 The Eaton Business School recognises its staff as being fundamental to its success. A strategic and professional approach to staff development helps to enable the College to fulfil its strategic aims, and support the College’s values.

1.2 The key purpose of staff development is to facilitate personal and professional development enabling individuals and groups to achieve their full potential and contribute to the provision of excellent teaching and learning at the College. Staff development is a key contributor to the success of individuals, teams and ultimately to the success of the College as a whole.

1.3  Strategic areas will be prioritized by the Principal on an annual basis

1.3 The budget allocation is determined on an annual basis by the Proprietor to enable points 1.1 and 1.2 above to be achieved.

2.  Policy Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all employees of the College and, in relation to induction, it applies to any voluntary workers and temporary staff.

2.2 Staff development includes any activity which contributes to the enhancement of knowledge, skills, competence, or working practices. This includes courses, development programmes, induction, vocational training, structured staff development activities, attendance at conferences, secondments, and development of educational materials, curriculum enhancement and active involvement with professional bodies.

2.3 There will be equality of access to staff development opportunities for all The Eaton Business School  staff. No member of staff will be treated less favourably on the grounds of sex, marital or parental status, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or age.

3.  Policy Aims

3.1 To support the College strategic plan.

3.2 To promote teaching standards and the learning experience of our students

3.3 To maintain the College’s accreditation with Awarding and Regulatory Bodies.

3.4 To contribute to an environment in which all staff feel valued and are able to realise their potential.

3.5 To incorporate the policies and practices of staff development within the Performance Review system

3.6 To keep up to date records of all staff development activities undertaken, feed this information back to line managers to ensure the effective and equitable distribution of staff development resources.

3.7 To support and develop training opportunities which promote quality and value for money.

3.18 To provide a detailed and comprehensive annual Staff Development Plan that clearly identifies the agreed objectives for the year and provides a reference point for all staff development planning.

3.12 To review staff development activities on an annual basis through course evaluation and through the College Self Assessment Review.

4  Responsibility

4.1 Responsibility for the planning and provision of staff development belongs to:

  1. The Principal who will produce the annual Staff Development Plan and ensure that it supports the Quality Improvement Plan
  2. The individual member of staff who has a responsibility to identify and communicate areas for development, including fulfilling their contractual obligations in relation to staff development.

5  Monitoring and review of policy

5.1 This policy and procedures will be reviewed every three years to ensure currency.

5.2 The Principal will collect evaluation data relating to staff development activities and will evaluate the effectiveness of staff development activities.

5.3  The Principal will produce a termly report on Staff Development and will monitor the impact of staff development activities undertaken as part of the Performance Development Review and SAR process

5.4 All staff will keep a record of their own activities as part of their CPD records.. The purpose of the record keeping is:

  1. To assist individuals in preparing for their PDR.
  2. To assist in preparing to appraise their staff through PDR, and to monitor and evaluate the impact of training undertaken and future development needs.

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