Eaton Business School Recruitment Policy


The aim of this policy is to ensure that the school adopts a fair and through approach to the recruitment, selection and induction of staff. This commitment is based on the following principles:

Eaton Business School recognises that to achieve its strategic objectives it is critical to recruit talented people with outstanding abilities and commitment.

The school believes in the importance and actively seeks to promote equality of opportunity in employment including recruitment and selection.

To demonstrate its commitment to quality of learning opportunities and academic standard the school aspires to show professionalism in its recruitment and selection practices.

The policy stipulates that the school will ensure that: 

  • The most suitable person is appointed to each vacancy
  • objective selection criteria are defined for all vacancies
  • selection methods are appropriate to the requirements of a post
  • A Human Resources (HR) representative will be involved directly or indirectly in all stages of the process and provide advice on good practice and legislation as necessary
  • indirect involvement of a HR representative will be through the monitoring of decision making at short-listing and selection stages to ensure that decisions are evidenced
  • colleagues involved in making appointments are appropriately skilled and trained
  • equal opportunities monitoring of recruitment will be carried out and the results analysed with regard to future recruitment exercises
  • newly appointed staff reach full effectiveness in their role as quickly as possible
  • new colleagues feel motivated, identify themselves with The school and take responsibility and ownership for their work.

To implement the recruitment and selection policy the school will ensure that all panel members have received appropriate training in god practices and all relevant legislation to the provision of equal opportunity. Both internal and external candidates will be assessed in the same way.

The school will ensure that the job description is reviewed and updated to ensure that it reflects the actual requirements of the job. A person specification will also be included in the job description. The person specification is meant to set out the selection criteria which are the skills; abilities; experience; knowledge; qualifications; and training required for a person to be able to carry out the duties in the post.

A panel will be set up and the recruitment and selection methods will be decided based on the advice of the HR manager. After the post is advertised all applications received will be treated in strict confidentiality and in compliance with the data protection Act ,1998. The decision for the selection of the candidates will be final. However, the candidates will have the right of complaint and appeal if there is sufficient evidence.