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    Cloud learning is a prominent method of connecting with people and places irrespective of any given geographical boundary. Rightly so, at EBS, we enthusiastically provide and explore the opportunities for online learning with limitless possibilities. Our programmes and schedules embed top-of-the-line technology and functions with accomplished IT tools that guarantee the uninterrupted function of courses at all times.
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      Why Choose Eaton Business School?

      Take the next step towards your personal and professional goals with EBS

      World-Class Education

      Commitment to delivering quality education is considered the epitome at Eaton Business School. With a team comprising experienced academicians, we leave no stone unturned to deliver education par excellence.

      Power Of 3

      Our Postgraduate programmes are uniquely designed and developed for working executives to reward them with not one, but 3 International certifications - MBA/MSc/MA, Master level Extended Diploma and a Certified Manager status from a chartered body in the UK.

      Flexible Online Learning

      Time and location have always been two major challenges for many, especially working executives. We resolve this concern through our virtual Learning Management System (LMS) that offers live interactive classes, recorded sessions and timely faculty assistance for students.

      Globally Recognised Courses

      Our scholastic partnership with prominent universities and awarding bodies in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy and India, makes EBS a forerunner in online higher education that garners global recognition. Moreover, credible endorsements from the likes of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Chartered Management Institute, etc. facilitates EBS to be in a league of its own.

      Affordable Fee

      Along with high standards of education, EBS also provides flexibility with course fee payments. We offer optional monthly payment plans that suit the buying potential of a candidate. Meritorious students can also avail of fee reductions through our academic scholarships.

      Leadership Sessions

      Leadership can’t be taught over a book, neither is a few days enough to transform you into a leader. However, our 4-day experiential sessions give you a platform to engage, share, learn and rub shoulders with fellow senior professionals across the globe.

      News & Blogs
      The origins and evolution of education

      First Writings

      First Writings

      Writing was first developed in several ancient societies around the world including hieroglyphics in Egypt and Phoenicians in Greece.

      Writing Tablets

      Writing Tablets

      In ancient times, Greeks started using writing tablets to read and write. Romans used wax tablets and metal styluses that could be reused.

      Royal Library Of

      Royal Library Of Alexandria

      Egyptians built the Royal Library of Alexandria which was considered the largest library in the ancient world.

      Worlds First University

      World's First University

      The University of Karueein was founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco

      Distance Learning

      Distance Learning

      The University of London became the first university to offer distance learning degrees in 1858.

      Vedic Learning

      Vedic Learning

      Nalanda, the ancient Buddhist centre for learning in India, conferred academic degree titles to graduates.

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