About the University

Guglielmo Marconi University is a modern higher education institution, which aims to pursue latest innovative training models, as well as building strong connections with the organizations at the forefront of the advanced technologies.


Being fully accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, it offers programs recognized at European and extra-European level giving students the possibility to develop their international career and succeed in a globalized job market.


Our distance learning models and the assistance of qualified staff members give each student the chance to study at their own pace, controlling their learning space and choosing time and place which are most convenient for them. The flexible and independent learning process allows our students to pursue their job along with studies, developing skills and expertise in their field of work.


Research plays a key role at GMU as it emerges from the last U-Multirank report 2020, which ranks our university among the top 25 performers worldwide in three different publications’ categories, namely International Joint Publications, Open Access Publications and Regional joint Publications (https://www.umultirank.org/university-rankings/top-performing-universities/2020). Moreover, GMU is particularly active in participating to national and international funding programs and over the years has successfully carried out a number of research projects with European, American, African, Middle Eastern, Central and South American institutions. The project results are often integrated into current or new academic programs helping students to face the growing demand of knowledge and skills in business administration and technological innovations field, generated by the 4° Industrial Revolution global transformation.

Prof. Alessandra Briganti


Guglielmo Marconi University

These last few months have been extremely challenging for all of us. This unprecedented situation has put us in front of the necessity to reconsider many aspects of the very basis of our everyday life, to find new courage and determination to overcome the new reality, to which no one was prepared. The real consequences of this current situation are yet to be discovered, but the world can already see the undeniable impact of the coronavirus crisis on political and economical level.


The responsibility of the higher education institutions, which were put at the forefront of creating the new generations able to easily navigate in the post-pandemic world, is hard to overestimate. It is clear that the Covid-19 outbreak had a great transformative impact on the whole education system, which was shaken to its core, resulting in a long-overdue global shift to online learning. Coping with the new circumstances forced the educational institutions to dramatically change their approach, adjusting their programs in response to the worldwide spread of the virus and offering education through distance modes.


Never as now were we able to witness the advantages of the online education. The effective learning system created by GMU in the past sixteen years of work allowed us to promptly respond to the crisis by ensuring the same quality of teaching and the level of engagement with our students not altered by the global pandemic. Being a pioneer in the national context, over the years the University has continued to make research and improve the quality of its programmers and services to play a role of innovator in evolving the conventional learning methodologies in Italy and Europe. We were able to continue without interruption the international dialogue and to maintain a sense of community, which has always been characteristic of GMU. In this respect, we are extremely glad to advance and consolidate our collaboration with Eaton Business School so contributing to the creation of an international high-quality workforce able to face the challenges of the new scenario.

Arturo Lavalle

Head of Research & Development Department

Guglielmo Marconi University

GMU firmly believes in internationalization of learning opportunities and equalization of the access to higher education. For this reason, it has established a fruitful and consolidated collaboration with Eaton Business School, which has led, over the years, to hundreds of high skilled graduates. Our objective is to further expand this partenrships in order to increase the quality and preparation of future leaders.