Dr. Mila Dimitrova

Graduating from the Summa Cum Laude Master of Business Administration with specialization in Health Care Management from the Medical University of Varna “Prof P. Stoyanov”, Bulgaria, and Dr. Mila acquired her speciality in Medical Informatics and Healthcare Management, approved by a State examination committee of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the 2012th she has successfully finished and defended her dissertation (with the title: “Model for diagnostic analysis of hospital performance to optimize its management”, 238 pages). She has 8 additional qualification courses in the last several years in healthcare & hospital management, project management, interactive methods of education, research etc. Her healthcare career started with the position of Specialist of Strategic Planning is one of the biggest university hospitals in the country – University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna. Alongside her work in the university hospital, she has worked in many different healthcare organizations at different levels of the healthcare system and has taken part in over 100 healthcare projects and initiatives. Her academic career has started in the 2008th when she has won a competition for an assistant professor in the Department of “Health Care Economics and Management”, Faculty of “Public health”, Medical University of Varna “Prof P. Stoyanov”, Bulgaria. Later on, in 2013th she became a Chief Assistant Professor and in 2015th – An associate professor. She is teaching project management, hospital management and performance analyses, healthcare quality management, statistics in healthcare, healthcare policy and management, management of innovation and change. During the last 10 years, she has been invited as a lecturer in different universities in Bulgaria, France, Ghana and UAE. Her administrative university career has started in 2012 with her position of Head of Department of “Career Development, Science and Research”, Medical University of Varna “Prof. P. Stoyanov”, Bulgaria – including management of Doctoral school, Center for career development, Pedagogical School, Project management in Science and Research (incl. managing the University Fund “Science”), administration of the procedures for career development, etc.

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