Quality faculty is at the heart of a quality MBA program. Eaton Business School is proud to be associated with some of the finest academicians and industry professionals to add value to our learners knowledge. By virtue of their rich experience, the industry professionals lends practical insights to various corporate scenarios and challenges in today’s management dynamics. Coupled with the academicians with their decades of facilitating MBA programs for the working professionals, the learning journey gets enriched. The right mix of International faculties from different market environments and domains enables a global view to the learners in a single program.

The rigorous course work are carefully structured to a pedagogy which encourages a collaborative learning environment. The faculty facilitates interactive sessions, both on the Onsite and Online classes. Their objective is to equip the learners with the right management skill-sets and aptitude to develop a successful professional career. Course materials include management books, videos, web resources, real-life case studies both local and international, as well as student’s independent Research Projects.