Renaldo de Jager holds a Doctorate degree in Management of Technology and Innovation which he was awarded by The Da Vinci Institute. Renaldo also completed his MBA as part of his post graduate studies.

Renaldo started his journey in the corporate jungle before being approached by an international consulting firm to work on projects across the world.  He acquired over two decades of experience as an International Management Consultant in this environment.

International Industries Renaldo consulted to, include amongst others – Mining, Manufacturing, Services and the Financial sectors.

Renaldo focuses on the improvement of effectiveness and efficiencies, enhancement of productivity and a reduction in operating costs. He ensures that processes are aligned to the organisational strategy and that they are suitable and applicable. Operating Systems are implemented based on the following principles: Forecasting; Planning; Scheduling; Controlling & Measurement/Reporting.

Having been exposed to international organisations over a number of years, all theories from Lean Manufacturing to Six Sigma to Theory of Constraints, Just–in–time Stock management systems and various management theories were developed, installed and managed.

Coupled with the academic qualifications and Renaldo’s rich experience as an international management consultant, he can present students with much more than just theory.  He adds major value to the academic field by discussing implementation of theory and the advantages combined with results achieved by using the concepts.

Renaldo makes his lectures alive and practical by uniquely bringing in real life implementation of projects into the lecture and encourages students to participate and be part of the discussions.  This is done to fully internalise the concepts and appreciate the value of these when being implemented in organisations both in the public and private sectors.

Renaldo has a life-long learning approach and besides his academic journey, he stays at the front edge of developments to remain informed about various industries internationally by liaising with and consulting to his wide range of clients and influencers.