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Additional fee of USD 1500 applicable

Additional fee of USD 1500 applicable

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I hereby certify that the information provided in this form is correct and
complete. I understand that false information will invalidate this
application and I authorize Eaton Business School or their appointed
agents to obtain and verify the information concern in this application
with any schools, Colleges, Universities, employers or any other relevant
bodies. I understand that Eaton Business School reserves the rights to
reject the application at their discretion without stating any reasons to
me. I am fully aware that the fee paid towards this course is non
refundable and Eaton Business School has its prerogative authority for any
special consideration at its sole discretion. If I wish to discontinue the
course after registration, for any reason whatsoever, apart from stated
above, the fee paid will be forfeited and not refunded at any
circumstances. Eaton Business School reserves the right to store the
information of the students and also reserves the right to share with
relevant bodies for verifications and to use it appropriately as per the
discretion of Eaton Business School. Eaton Business School provides
regulated and non-regulated courses and I have confirmed the status of the
accreditation/recognition of the course I have applied for to my full
satisfaction. Eaton Business School is not responsible for
approval/recognition status with the relevant bodies, government agencies
in the respective countries as it may be subject to change.