Wealth Of A Good Network



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  • The term wealth is normally associated with money, assets and other valuable material possessions. However, with technology making our lives seamless and changing the landscape of society, the way anything is done has undergone significant change. The way we talk to people, the way we make a purchase, the way we pay, the way we share, the way we search jobs, the way we grow in career everything have transformed. The value of a good network cannot be emphasized enough. However, not many people consciously make an effort to have an enriching network. There are some simple ways in which we can consciously build a network we can tap into.

    1. Composition of network: Consciously try to map out the background and kind of network you would like to have. Bear in mind to keep diversity in terms of seniority and background will do a long way in making the network valuable.
    2. Purpose: The network can comprise of multiple subnetworks. Each subnetwork may be capable of providing support for different purpose. Hence, map out your network in terms of purpose.
    3. Be a giver: Network is not only to be taken advantage of. It is very important to be a contributing member of a network providing valuable information, connecting people, connecting resources and being available.
    4. Keeping in touch: Maintaining a network involves commitment of time and effort. However, this investment will pay dividends in a long term. Allocate time and resources to dedicate to the network. Decide a frequency of contact and touchpoints through various available platforms to renew the network. Commit to it and be consistent in your approach.
    5. Being Genuine: It is difficult to portray a personality for long that you are not. Be genuine in your communication and interaction. There will be diverse personalities in a network. It is important to be accepting of people in the network.
    6. Being natural: When it comes to networking, sometimes we find people distributing business cards in conferences / sending random connection requests. Instead of this, share your details and connect with people after talking to them and finding it interesting, when you identify common ground or after studying their profile. This is a natural way of developing a network.

    Building an enriched network requires time, effort and commitment. However, the best thing is we can start building one now!

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