Top MBA careers: Which one is for you?



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    If you’re looking for a better career, getting a Master of Business Administration degree is a common step to take. According to Wharton, an MBA can enhance the marketability of a professional. People with MBAs generally have better management and communication skills. Possessing an MBA also increases the quality of job opportunities. 98% of Wharton MBA graduates reportedly receive full-time job offers. 

    In fact, getting an MBA will unlock plenty of career paths for you. Thinking about the options can be somewhat overwhelming. With a multitude of business administration jobs at your fingertips, how do you decide which one is for you? 

    Potential MBA careers

    Let’s take a look at some careers that are possible for those with MBA degrees.

    1. Project Manager


    project manager

    If you choose this career, you will be in charge of planning and directing projects. From the conceptualization to the completion of projects, a project manager oversees the entire process. You will adhere to a strict deadline and ensure that all steps are completed on time or earlier. You will also make sure projects stay within budget and costs don’t exceed limitations. Finally, you will ensure that projects follow the company’s specific criteria. 

    Executive MBA in Project Management

    Project Management is the art of managing all the aspects of a project from inception to closure using a scientific and structured methodology. The role of a project manager is similar to that of a conductor in a symphony.

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    2. Accountant


    As an accountant, your expertise involves numbers. You will be in charge of the financial records of a client or a company. Liquidation, balancing books, paying taxes on time, and keeping track of expenses? You will oversee all financial areas and ensure the accuracy of all figures. 


    3. Management Consultant

    Management Consultant

    As a management consultant, you will work with the top executives of the company. You will use your expertise to improve different business processes and issues. You will look at the efficiency of current systems and how they affect the company’s profit and more. Your work may include doing extensive research, introducing new methods and strategies, and even restructuring suggestions.

    International MBA

    The economic boundaries across the world has already disappeared, and the ones existing are diminishing too. The impact of technology has and is continuing to play a major role in globalizing the business.

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    4. Operations Research Analyst

    Operations Research Analyst

    If you are into statistics, you might be well-suited to the role of an operations research analyst. For this position, you must have excellent critical thinking and math skills. It will be your task to take data from various sources and transform them into business assets. You must also be able to find solutions to complicated business problems using different techniques. Ultimately, your end goal is to make the business more efficient.


    5. Business Intelligence Analyst

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    A business intelligence analyst is in charge of presenting competitor and market insights. They identify trends and patterns of the target market. If you become one, you must always stay up to date on market activities. You cannot afford to fall behind. After all, it is your role to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors in all ways. 

    Executive MBA In Business Analytics

    A critical review of global organizations that succeeded their peers in the competitive environment has a great deal to do with what they did with their customer and organizational data. With the advent of big data.

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    6. Product Marketing Manager

    Product Marketing Manager

    When you’re a product managing manager, you are responsible for businesses’ marketing strategies. You must thoroughly understand your client’s product, customers, and market competitors. You will work closely with a company’s product manager and product development team. You might end up conducting competitor research and finding out the proper pricing and positioning for products.

    Now you are aware of the different careers you can have with an MBA degree. The next step is to choose which one to take.


     How to ultimately decide your MBA career path

    1. Get to really know yourself.

    MBA Crystal Ball says that the first step is introspection. Ask yourself what you enjoy, and be as honest as possible. Which career does your educational background, skills, and personality fit best? What are you passionate about? Once you have answers to these questions and an idea of which path to take, the next step is analysis. 


    2. Do your research

    Research is a vital step because you need to determine the opportunities and forecasts in your chosen career path. Some MBA jobs are more in-demand than others, for example. While you might be passionate about one track, another one might come with a higher salary. Some may require relocation. What would matter more to you in the long run? 


    3. Talk to people in your desired field calls this step having “informational interviews.” Informational interviews are the best way to explore your options. Perhaps you know someone who is already in that field you are eyeing. It could be an acquaintance on LinkedIn, a friend, a family member, or even a total stranger. Whoever it may be, find out as much as you can about your chosen path. Make sure to ask all the questions that can help you decide and learn from their experiences. 


    4. Be flexible

    Don’t pressure yourself to find the perfect job quickly. Even if you have decided on a final career track to take, the unexpected can still happen. For example, experiences in your current path may lead you to a new direction. You might experience burnout and decide to change your career goals altogether. Also, remember that at an early stage, it is hard to foresee everything that can happen in a long-term career journey. The COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent example of an unexpected worldwide event that influenced many careers and plans. Make sure that your goals are flexible enough to adjust to unforeseen occurrences. 

    At the end of the day, it’s vital that you can use your MBA degree to the fullest. Secure a job that you enjoy and where you can put your skills to good use. And along the way, don’t put undue pressure on yourself to decide your entire path now. Enjoy the journey of discovery, and you’re well on your way to finding the best MBA career for you. 

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