Top 10 online MBA programs in UAE

Are you looking for the best online MBA (Master of Business Administration) in UAE? We are here to help you narrow down the best online MBA programs in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) for working executives around the world.

With numerous online distance learning MBA programs available nowadays, it’s not easy to find credible courses with global accreditation. Moreover, if you are a working professional, it is ideal to opt for part-time or 1 year online MBA ( distance learning ) courses with a flexible program.

UAE has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a highly sought-after destination for business. The total investment in the UAE is forecasted to reach US$100.80 billion in 2025.

Let us now look into the details of the top 10 Online MBA programs in Dubai, UAE.

Executive MBA in Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Blockchain are two technologies that are shaping the future of business with their powerful features and applications. AI is a highly booming industry now and thus securing a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence is sure to help you find a highly rewarding career anywhere in the world.

EBS offers a 1-Year Executive MBA in Artificial Intelligence & blockchain technology, which is specially designed for working professionals around the world. The course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of AI concepts and categories. This course also explains the methodology, applications, working, ethicality, and challenges related to Blockchain.

The curriculum offers the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about this industry. After completing this course, you can explore different career options like AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Blockchain Specialist, & much more.

MBA in Entrepreneurship & New Venture Development


The Executive MBA program in Entrepreneurship & New Venture Development offered by Eaton Business School aims to inspire working professionals to take up entrepreneurship and help them understand the essential aspects of venture development.

Entrepreneurship and new venture creation boost the economic growth and development of society. We can say that new ventures are the backbone of socioeconomic development. New business ventures strive to solve various problems and come up with innovative solutions to tackle them. Venture development also increases employment opportunities and contributes to financial growth.

This course equips you with a good understanding of the different aspects involved in successfully registering, operating, and scaling new ventures. The learners will know how to create business plans, arrange funds, risks involved in new ventures and other real-world examples.

MBA in Digital Marketing & Social Media 


With the advancement of technology, the marketing landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years. Digital marketing has become an essential part of businesses. Every business is focusing more on building a strong online presence through digital marketing activities like social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc. It is important for brands to make use of multiple marketing channels to reach their target audience.

Eaton Business School has launched a 1-Year Executive MBA program in Digital Marketing & Social Media for those working professionals who are interested in digital marketing careers. This Master’s program will give an in-depth understanding of various effective marketing strategies, social media and its influence on human behaviour, and much more. The learners will get hands-on experience in building effective social media campaigns and strategies with the help of industry expert faculty.

MBA in Business Analytics


Data plays a critical role in today’s world and thus companies are giving more importance to business analytics. Business analysts use data to develop relevant business insights and recommend changes or improvements in business if needed. If you have an interest in working with data to solve business challenges and being part of organisational decision-making, a career in analytics will be a great choice.

Earning an MBA in Business Analytics will help you expand your analytical skills and increase your chances of getting a highly-paid job in this field. In this course, you will learn both the soft skills and technical skills required to excel in the field of business analytics. You will also gain knowledge of relevant analytical methods like data mining, data visualisation, statistical analysis, etc.

After completing an EMBA in Business Analytics, you can explore various job opportunities like Business Intelligence analyst, Market Research Analyst, Big data analyst, Chief Information Officer and many more.

MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management


Supply chain management (SCM) has become an inevitable part of successful business operations. Big companies like Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, etc are staying ahead in the market due to their strong and efficient supply chain & logistics management. Supply Chain purchasing raw materials, scheduling production, preparing cost estimates, tracking inventory, choosing vendors, negotiating shipping rates, overseeing distribution, and addressing delivery errors.

Eaton Business School offers an Executive MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management for those who are keen to explore managerial job opportunities in this field. This MBA curriculum is designed for working professionals who prefer flexible classes with 100% online learning. Pursuing this course will enable you to gain good expertise in the supply chain & logistics operations of business units. The course will enable learners to become world-class leaders in the SCM and logistics industry.

MBA in Healthcare Management & Leadership


Healthcare management is another popular career field that is drawing much popularity. If you are aspiring to secure a managerial position or want to become a leader in the healthcare industry, then this course is for you. The Executive MBA (EMBA) in Healthcare Management offered by Eaton Business School has been tailor-made for working professionals in the healthcare industry. The course will equip you with the competency required to handle healthcare institutions and their business operations.

The 1-Year PG program is carefully designed by industry experts to offer the right mix of theoretical and practical business knowledge in the healthcare sector. After completing this course, you can consider many exciting job opportunities such as Health Information Manager, Hospital CEO, Healthcare Consultant, Hospital Administrator, and so on. The program will offer you a good understanding of core challenges in healthcare systems and hands-on experience in managing business operations.

MBA in Human Resource Management


Employees are the biggest assets of an organisation, no matter how big or small the company is. Human Resource Management deals with all aspects related to a company’s human resources or employees.

In today’s world, an HR department plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of a business. Whether it is recruitment & hiring, skill development, legal compliance, or leave management, every activity involved in HR management needs to be planned and organised effectively.

This EMBA in Human Resource Management offers you important insights into various HR functions, and HR principles and also gives hands-on experience in managing HR operations. It is a 12-months program offering live interactive classes led by an expert faculty team. After the course completion, you can explore job profiles such as HR Manager, HR Consultant, Training & Development Manager, International HR Professional, etc.

MBA in Project Management


Project managers are responsible for leading a project through all stages, right from planning to completion. Project managers can find job opportunities in numerous industries, such as IT, banking, construction, design, and many more. Knowledge of popular PM methods like Agile, Lean, Waterfall, etc will help you to land a rewarding career in project management.

The 1-Year Executive MBA in Project Management prepares you to build your career as a successful project manager. The online PG program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring professionals to progress into a leadership role in their chosen industry. The curriculum is divided into 6 modules which can be completed during a period of 12 months. By the end of this MBA program, you will be gaining knowledge about major tools and techniques used in project management. Some of the job profiles considered after this MBA degree are Project Manager, PMO or Business Director, Senior Project Manager, Project Scheduler, etc.

Executive Master of Business Administration

Executive Master of Business Administration

Eaton Business School’s EMBA program is designed to help you transform into leadership roles and grasp essential management skills like decision-making, problem-solving, strategic analysis, critical thinking, etc. This 1-Year MBA is tailor-made for busy working professionals who prefer to work and study online simultaneously. The course is delivered through an efficient virtual learning portal which offers an interactive and immersive learning experience for students.

The curriculum covers the basic concepts and theories of business management with an emphasis on practical applications. After completing the course, you can consider various job profiles like Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Management Analysts, HR Managers, Executive Managers, etc.

International MBA


The international business market is rapidly growing with many exciting opportunities around the world. A career in International Business operations can help you secure your future with a highly-paid job position. The International MBA program offered by EBS is the perfect foundation course for a fruitful career in International Business. This PG program will provide you with insights into how to manage and operate a business in a highly volatile and digitalised world.

The 12-month MBA program has 6 main modules covering topics like International Marketing Management, Strategic Management & Leadership, Management Accounting & Finance, etc. This International MBA course offers you triple international certifications within one program. EBS International MBA is suitable for business professionals and entrepreneurs who like to explore better career opportunities across the globe.

Some of the top job profiles for International MBA holders are International Marketer, International Trade Specialist, Key Accounts Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, etc.

Benefits of Online MBA Programs

  • Flexible Learning for Working Professionals
  • Perfect Work-Life-Study Balance
  • Study & Access Courses From Anywhere
  • Higher Salary Package
  • Faster Career Progression
  • Affordable Fee Structures
  • Network with Diverse Peer Groups
  • Guidance from Expert Mentors
  • Global Networking Opportunities
  • Syllabus with Collaborative Learning

Enrol in an online MBA program in Dubai to gain the competencies required to excel in your management career.

How to Start?  

Whether you are looking for a promotion or exploring better job opportunities across the world, an Executive MBA from an accredited international university can be of great advantage. It allows you to network with other global professionals and gain the competencies required to excel in your management career.

If you are interested in pursuing an online MBA course through online, you can get in touch with an academic advisor at Eaton Business School and we will guide you through the admission process.

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