Opportunities and Trends in the Healthcare Industry in Africa


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  • What does a healthcare management degree prepare you for? It prepares you to be leaders of healthcare facilities, health services and systems. Healthcare managers assume the responsibilities of keeping the hospitals and facilities running while supervising quality of care and budgeting. This career gives you the unique benefit of touching or changing the lives of people in a myriad ways. That’s for intrinsic motivation. But what about the career opportunities? Let us examine a few from the African context.

    Career Opportunities in Healthcare Industry in Africa

    Before we start, it is important to remember that Africa is an emerging economy and has been placed in an important focal point of attention of the globalized world. Its economy is rapidly growing, and there is a rising middle class and it is boasting of important entrepreneurial ventures tailored to the local context. With economic improvements, Africa’s focus on healthcare improvement is only likely to grow – hospitals and healthcare that are better managed will see a definite growth in the coming days. Good healthcare is ensured only by good management and required the resources to be planned, managed, directed and controlled effectively.

    So back to our question on career opportunities in healthcare in Africa, here are a few: You could be associating yourself with an organization like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or United Nations to offer them advices on how to set up their activities in the African context. Your healthcare degree leverages your understanding of the local conditions to become an expert. Or you could be overseeing a healthcare technology company’s operations in Africa to advice on how the technology can be used for last mile healthcare delivery. Or you could be working for the government and leading its citizen health outreach programmes. As a healthcare manager, you could be creating and implementing healthcare strategies and lead a competent team to the successful realization of the organization’s goals. It is interesting to note that the representation of private players in the African healthcare space has rapidly gone up, especially in investing. However, there is an openly stated lack of healthcare managers who have been trained in the finer aspects of managing healthcare institutions.

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