How modern diagnostics analysis help healthcare managers in hospital performance analysis?


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  • Limited resources and requirements for effectiveness are the prerequisites for entry of the “evidence-based management”. It provides a high level of quality management solutions by combining expertise, ethics, reliable business information, and facts, taking into account the influence of key stakeholders.The constantly increasing demands on hospitals by their stakeholders requires the application of a set of management and analytic processes for assessing the effectiveness of hospital management by which to measure and improve the achievement of predetermined goals. This is the task of the diagnostic (business) analysis

    Diagnostic analysis of the performance helps an organization to define its strategic objectives and to measure and guide their activities accordingly. As the health care market and competition develop, the need for creativity and innovation in the management of hospitals increases. This makes the choice of appropriate model for modern managerial diagnostics of hospitals very important for the effective functioning and achieving competitiveness.

    Hospital performance is very specific. This is distinguished by the companies and business organizations on specific product, namely health service. The health service represents a separate activity or functionally related set of activities, which are:

    1. Designed to protect, restore or improve human health.

    2. Derived from the mission of the hospital and contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

    Development and application of models for managerial diagnostics of hospital performance are of particular interest to managers and policymakers in today’s era of accountability, efficiency, and pursuit of better quality. A ​​number of studies relating to the management of hospitals have been made but there are still “white spots”. There have been examined issues related to financing, quality, medical efficiency and management of human resources, but studies hardly deal with issues related to the complex measurement and evaluation of hospital performance, management decisions, and effectiveness.

    Introducing “standard” for diagnostic analysis of hospital performance could help healthcare managers to:

    • Improve the quality of care and effectiveness of hospitals and the health system as a whole.
    • Compare the managerial, medical and financial activity in their hospital with those in the country or even internationally.

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