MBA Program – Let’s hear from Nobuhle Hadebe from South Africa



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    Nobuhle Hadebe


    Let’s hear from Nobuhle Hadebe from South Africa, on her learning journey with Eaton Business School


    1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

    My lifelong dream is to be an influential subject matter expert, to the point of lecturing as an Academic Professor within the field of Business Analytics. I have a passion for numbers and patterns, and it is this drive that has led me to embark on this academic journey.


    1. What was the “I must” moment that made you decide to go for an MBA?

    I joined an astutely dynamic team, in one of the leading banks in South Africa. Majority of the team members were eloquent, scholastically inclined, SME influencers within the financial industry. Conformance to this high performing team required that I expand my intellectual capacity, academically.


    1. What were your apprehensions regarding online learning? Why did choose Eaton Business School?

    Online platforms are the best for adult learning. Prior to this, I had extensive online learning experience. Firstly, having been a learning facilitator for over 5 years, I have been an admin to our organisation TLS. Secondly, I have successfully completed two Postgraduate Programs using online learning platforms. As a married, full-time working professional, and mother of 3, the online option for my MBA, was the most viable and beneficial as the LMS was user friendly, aesthetically appealing and most of all easily accessible, globally. I must say, with all this previous experience, the EBS LMS is still one of the best around.


    1. According to you, list two aspects at EBS that exceeded your expectations.

    Firstly, I was really impressed by the admin support team. They were truly amazing! As students, we are situated all over the globe with various time zones. We are from different walks of life, cultures, and ethnicities. But we were cared for individually (according to our respective needs) and collectively (as a cohort), by receiving timely updates on any changes. They were approachable and supportive throughout. From my admission forms, up to couriering my certificates now that I have completed my studies. Secondly, whilst contemplating which institution to study with, I was initially drawn to EBS by their competitive fees and payment structure. Though internationally recognised, the EBS tuition was affordable, especially compared with some of our local institutions of the same accreditation. The affordability of this MBA is the reason I was able to study and complete my qualification


    1. How effective was the learning from the program in applying to your day-to- day work

    After completing my MBA in Business Analytics, I feel empowered and enabled to assuredly steer the team in decision making at work. Furthermore, I have taken on a new Business Intelligence role within the team, one more attuned to my MBA. Made possible by the successful completion of my MBA.


    1. Your advice to prospective learners

    When approaching your MBA journey, you must go through a mindset shift to couple your apparent ambition with resilience. Demonstrate persistence, passion, and perseverance despite being confronted by obstacles and distractions – be it socially and professionally, maybe even financially. Exert focused determination for extended periods of time by planning well ahead of time. Create a weekly schedule and adhere to it diligently. And lastly, stay self-motivated by celebrating small wins such as successfully handing in an assignment on time, or getting a distinction etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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