How important is an online executive MBA in contemporary business scenario?


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  • Executive MBA education has attracted a lot of attention in these past years. The flexibility offered, the avoidance of quitting one’s job and the non-necessity of commuting to campus for classes are some of the often-listed-merits of this form of education. Let’s take a deeper look at the need and relevance of executive education from the perspective of the executive itself. There are three primary executive trends that have remained constant, among other changes that we see in the business world. They are:

    • Firstly, even at the executive level, there is a need for knowledge in a variety of fields

    A glance at the bygone year shows an inflated hype in technologies such as blockchain, chatbots and a host of AI tools. They continue to impact businesses of all shapes and sizes in ways beyond imagination. It therefore becomes highly necessary for managers and executives of companies to understand what all this hype is about and these specific technologies can be harnessed for improving organizational performance. Knowledge about evolving trends and changes and a clear understanding on how to apply these in businesses is essential to guide the company in the forward and growing direction. An MBA degree earned in a business school even 10 years ago would seem redundant today. Online MBA education comes to rescues precisely at this point – new courses customized to the business scenario of today helps executives to develop the knowledge in the variety of fields that they are likely to face.

    • Secondly, executives need deep individual learning

    Further, organizations face the challenge of dynamic environments. Critical thinking and creative problem-solving approaches to these challenges are the new necessities of managerial responses. Leaders are thus pushed further to expand their limits of individual learning. Executive MBA education caters to this requirement. These new-age courses, often facilitated online, are created as a response to managerial needs for developing managerial skills and knowledge needed to lead their organizations into the future. The working professionals are often rounded off with not only an academic input but also exposure to the best practices of contemporary organizations across the world.

    • Finally, executives need to connect with their peers, which calls just as much for classroom experience as for joint experiences outside the classroom

    No learning is complete without peer learning. Executive MBA has in its fold professionals with experience. The online education platforms are enabled with technologies that allow these working professional students to interact with one another and accentuate the learning.  And not only so, these digital friendships translate into a strong executive network outside of the classrooms. These networking opportunities created are crucial and critical for the growth of a true leader.

    It will be good to review where you stand – are you aspiring to go up the career ladder? Are you a person who wants to balance your career along with a learning programme? Are you someone who is motivated to know more, the most current developments and further your skills and knowledge in the field? Then latch in on to an executive MBA served to you in online modes from different universities across the world.

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