Emerging Opportunities and Reasons for Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management

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November 5, 2019
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December 30, 2019
A study by the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics have shown that nearly 200,000 supply chain roles in the USA will remain vacant due to a dearth of qualified professionals. This however is not a trend restricted to US alone. Similar trends have been noticed across Asian countries including Hong Kong and China.

Scope of Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management specialization in MBA is a highly business centered one. This degree prepares learners for positions such as Logistics Manager, Supply chain consultant, Warehousing Manager, Procurement Analyst among many others.

With the growth in online retailing and a higher focus on global logistics, the employers’ demand for professionals with MBA in supply chain management is on the rise. The landscape is one that continues to evolve. Emerging technologies such as drones and robotic automation will create an environment that looks majorly different from what it is today. Thus, these emerging trends create generous opportunities for people.

Salary offered for MBA in Supply Chain Management

average salary for supply chain MBA professionalsFig 1. Average salary for supply chain MBA professionals

employment projection data

Fig 2. Employment projection data for logistics

Projected growth for jobs in logistics is about 5% from 2018 to 2028, which is almost as fast as the average for all occupations (Fig 2). A detailed report by DHL found that demand for supply chain professionals exceeds supply by a ratio of six to one. It also details how one of the biggest reason behind this shortage is the lack of skills to meet the changing requirements. Organizations are seeking professionals with better competencies and analytical skills along with strategic leadership thinking and technological flair to anticipate trends and make the company future-ready.

Why Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management from Eaton Business School?

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