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  • What is disruptive marketing?

    The world around has been changing rapidly and so has Marketing. One such significant change happening in the world of marketing is disruptive marketing. Disruptive marketing as the name suggests disrupts the status quo. It challenges all the essential tenets of marketing that we have learned about and encourages the marketer to take risks following his intuition. Disruption is used by companies which want to satisfy the need of an emerging market or when an organisation wants to satisfy the unmet needs of an existing market. One of the major aims of disruptive marketing campaigns is to seek an instant response. This works very well in a world where technology is rapidly increasing the speed of business and business decisions.

    Disruptive marketing campaigns

    One of the main ways in which disruptive marketing is practiced is with the help of advertising campaigns. A successful disruptive advertising campaign changes the perception of the customer about the product, the company marketing the product and sometimes even the industry. Disruptive marketing challenges the traditional mindset and very often brings about new positive perceptions in the mind of the customer. However, since it challenges the traditional mindset, any marketer using this technique needs to be prepared for some negative publicity. This is so as not everyone will appreciate a disruptive campaign.

    The last five years have seen a rapid rise in disruptive marketing campaigns. It has also been found that such campaigns are appreciated by most customers as they speak in terms of a story which is commonly understood by customers. Once the initial shock of a disruptive campaign wears off, it leaves behind a strong remembrance of the campaign which helps the brand build its position in the mind of the consumers.

    Benefits of disruptive marketing

    • Disruptive campaigns cannot be duplicated and hence offer the brand a strong position. These campaigns have to be initiated and can never be copied.
    • Disruptive campaigns are often loud and address a common need experienced by the target audience. The simple and different narrative makes consumers identify him/ her with the campaigns.
    • Disruptive campaigns are affordable and the common notion of a lot of consumers that they require a lot of resources is not true. In a world around us which is increasingly using technology to cause disruptions, all companies need to be prepared to use disruptive marketing.

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