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  • Titled as the ‘Most Disruptive Brand in the Region‘ by BrandZ, CAFU is a Dubai-born start-up and technology-enabled car service designed entirely around fulfilling the needs of the customer and transforming the way cars are run and operated.

    CAFU is the region’s first on demand car service. Launched in 2018, CAFU uses technology and innovation to drive simplicity by delivering ultimate convenience to customers through services that range from refueling to car wash and maintenance – anytime and anywhere they are needed by the customer.

    In 2019, CAFU was recognized as App of the Year at Entrepreneur Middle East’s Enterprise Agility Awards 2019. And in the same year, CAFU app downloads reached half a million through both the Apple store and Google play store.

    Customer Convenience is the key

    People like to have things made easy and in today’s world modern technology allowed customers to buy the products or services they desire without leaving their homes.

    That’s why it’s so vitally important for business owners to realize that the easier they make things for their customers, the more successful their businesses are bound to be. CAFU understood this very well. 

    How did CAFU manage to set itself as the perfect app for defining customer convenience?


    CAFU came to understand customers’ needs, define their new norms and bring solutions at the highest convenience. CAFU’s proper market readiness allowed proper addressing of the challenges that car owners face, i.e. running low on fuel, queuing up at petrol pumps or living in areas that are far away from petrol stations. 

    And to solve this CAFU brought customer location convenience to the next level. Meeting its customers’ where they are and leaving competitors helpless.

    Through providing technology enabled on-demand car service designed to make owning and operating a car both, hassle-free and enjoyable. Its services also help car owners save time and money.

    With the innovative CAFU smartphone app, contactless and on demand refueling and car services became possible anytime, anywhere, and completely at the convenience of the car owner.

    Why Convenience is so important for business today?

    The bottom line is that customers are demanding it. With the breakthrough of COVID-19 Digital delivery and contactless convenience have become a necessity for most customers who are confined at home.

    Adoption has grown strongly, even among the most “digitally resistant” customers. For some companies, the rapid development of digital functionalities is key to ensuring continuity of services. And it’s likely that many customers who have converted to digital services will stick to them even after the health crisis is over.

    Companies like CAFU who made this shift to digital and are delivering superior experiences have an opportunity to increase and maintain these customer relationships longer after the crisis. For CAFU contactless convenience provides an extra element of safety acting against the pandemic and at the same time giving CAFU an edge over all direct and indirect competitors in the market. 

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