Automation: Will robots replace human workforce in future?



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  • Are the claims that robots will be replacing human in future any true? Lot of people talk about this and state the bleak future of human employment. Most of the concerns are rooted by the advancement of some of the emerging technologies of automation including robotics for physical tasks, cognitive computing for intellectual tasks, and self-help kiosks for customer service and so on. Amid all the fear. It is important to state the fact that machines will surely be becoming more and more common but they would not be replacing humans but rather would work side by side to humans.

    On one hand there is a real possibility that many jobs will disappear because of such technologies, but on the other hand they will also be responsible for creating a spur in the growth of new jobs. By far the largest effect of automation and robotics will be on job transformation. This could be understood by simply analysing the concept of division of labour. Division of labour is a system in which different individual specialize in specific tasks to gain efficiency and hence produce more than expected. With automation there will be the emergence of new division of labour in which the systems will consist of robots, intelligent software, autonomous entities, automated self-service, and also the employees.

    According to a research conducted by Forrester Research, by the year 2025 the number of jobs lost because of automation will be 22.7 million. The same technology will also be responsible for creating 13.6 million jobs.

    Now the major question for organizations is how to succeed automation? One common mantra is to divert your focus from cost and keep it on the customers. One of the companies that has been advancing its customer service through automation is Delta Air Lines. According to the organization some of the strategies that could be successful in providing better customer service include focusing on customer problems and not on technologies; optimizing customer experience by mapping customer journey; and integrating automation into overall customer engagement strategy.

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