How Artificial Intelligence Can Excel in the Project Management Execution



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  • Project management execution needs a great level of expertise and planning.

    As the project is getting bigger and bigger the need for excel execution is in demand. 

    Artificial Intelligence is a general-purpose technology that can enable project execution at its best.

    The triple challenge for any project execution would be the scope, cost & time.

     In all these three challenges Artificial intelligence can play a major enabler to excel.

    Artificial intelligence-enabled project management software is available in the market and they allow to schedule the project seamlessly and give the ultimate goal setting on par with the scope of the project. 

    Every project’s one challenge is how to utilize the available resources at their best, so the size, number, verities, and complexities will give a challenge for every project manager. 

    Here the Artificial intelligence-enabled software can play a major role to identify the right resources and allow them as per the project execution demand. 

    If we can connect the external data interchange to our system any external resource allocation could be possible within our project management software. 

    For example, if we wanted to outsource skilled labour from a given country, we can connect a couple of skilled manpower recruitment agencies and their database can be connected to our system through an electronic data interchange, this will allow our project executions software to seek any external resource, its cost, availability, time and other parameters to the project execution.

    The cost factors are related to many parameters at the place of the project execution, the availability of people, material, storage facility, logistics connectivity, local rules and regulations, compliance, competition, time of the project, etc. 

    Whenever the new project locations are treated as a new terrain for the project team to understand the above points and allocate the right costing. 

    The project cost calculation is starting at the bidding stage, negotiation stage, confirmation, and execution stages of the project. 

    The Artificial enabled software can take care of the minute changes, managing large data and its analysis for the best costing solution for the project resources.

    Timely project completion is the biggest challenge for any project manager.

    The new projects which are unique in their size and type give enormous challenges to the project managers to stick to the completion of the project completion milestones. 

    A macro-level knowledge pool and a micro-level observation are the keys to executing the project execution challenges at their best. 

    These days the projects are incorporating a lot of features from across the globe, the designs, the materials, the skills, etc. 

    So, getting the help of technologies like artificial intelligence can enable a sea change in the project management execution efficiency, this efficiency will reflect in the cost, time, and scope achievement in project management execution. 

    On January 24-27, the international project management seminar was conducted at Dubai world trade center and the AI-enabled project management execution has been demonstrated.

    All the stakeholders are looking forward to seeing how this new technology enabler can excel in the project management execution.

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