4 Keys to hiring the right people for the right job and at the right time



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  • Employing the right candidate for the right job and at the right time. This is one of the most important aspects of a successful hiring process. This takes us to the fact that the recruitment process should be effective in terms of both cost and time. It takes a lot of resources for an organization to recruit the right people, so it becomes equally important to make the right choices right from the start. A good hire defines your business and the future of business is dependent on a good hiring process. A good hire will have many implications for your business, from growth and profitability to customer satisfaction and quality. This all starts with the adoption of an organized, structured and a comprehensive recruitment process making sure to position your business for success by attracting the right candidates. Having the right talent builds the culture, drives the revenue and eventually helps an organization to outdo the competitors. Failing to have an effective recruitment system will lead to the exact opposite effects resulting in the waste of resources, time and money.

    Defining the hiring process is very important. But what is more important is what goes behind the scenes. Some of the most comprehensive steps in a good recruitment process include:-

    1. Designing the job by identifying and creating the role to be filled: The idea is not to get as many candidates as possible but to get the right candidates. So it is important to define and describe the roles and responsibilities clearly.

    2. Promoting and marketing the open position to attract the right candidates: This is considered to be the most important step in attracting the right candidates for application. This calls for research to be conducted in order to find out where the best candidates are looking for similar jobs.

    3. Selecting the candidates, and evaluating the candidates aligning with the organization culture: Be active and responsive. Maintain proper communication with prospective employees and always be reflective of the company values and culture.

    4. Confirming the skills of the selected candidates: Remember you are not hiring a friend but a good fit for the organization. The emotional feeling can result in a costly mistake. This could be best done by going beyond and understanding of the past experience, cultural fit, attitude, and accountability.

    Some of the organization fail to employ the right person even after using a lot of money and time. This is mainly because of the inconsistency which compromises quality and compliance. Another reason for such a failure is to fail to identify the right time to hire. Hiring should be only done when there is a need, and what is important is the awareness of the early warning signs when that time is coming.

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