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Master Level
Level 7 Diploma
120 RQF
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ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management


ATHE – Awards for Training and Higher Education is an Ofqual regulated United Kingdom (UK) government approved awarding body providing RQF qualifications in management, law, health & social care management, computing and travel and tourism management.

Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is a UK Level 7 qualification with 120 Ofqual credits. The program is certified by ATHE – Awards for Training and Higher Education, which is an Ofqual regulated United Kingdom (UK) government approved awarding body providing RQF qualifications in management, law, health & social care management, computing and travel and tourism management.


  • Level 7 qualification will provide managers/supervisors with an opportunity to enhance their strategic management and Leadership skills by applying the theories and concepts learnt, in managing the strategic level decision making at the workplace.
  • This Master’s level qualification equips learners with necessary skill set & module credits to progress onto the MBA (top-up) program.
  • Studying the qualification online is the most cost-effective way to complete a Level 7 qualification as eventually, a learner completes with a MBA (top-up) Degree from Renowned UK University. Fees are substantially less compared to studying the full program at the University campus.
  • Vocational assignment based assessment will examine work-based problems, and motivate learners to apply tools, models and theories, to real work life situations.
  • Gaining this valuable master’s level UK qualification boosts the chance of promotion and a salary increment for learners in their current or future workplace.

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Strategic Planning

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the foundations for developing organisational strategy.
  • Understand the external environment affecting organisations.
  • Be able to review an organisation’s strategy and business plans.
  • Be able to develop strategy options for an organisation.
  • Understand how to create a strategic plan to meet business objectives.

Finance for Strategic Managers

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the importance of financial data in formulating and delivering business strategy.
  • Be able to analyse financial data for an organisation in order to inform strategic decision making purposes.
  • Be able to evaluate proposals for strategic decisions on capital expenditure in an organisation.

Research for Strategic Development

Learning Outcomes:
  • Be able to formulate a research proposal relating to strategic business development.
  • Be able to use different research methodologies to gather sufficient and valid data.
  • Be able to present research findings in an appropriate format for a target audience.
  • Be able to evaluate own skills while undertaking research.

Organizational behavior

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand leadership behaviour theory and practice.
  • Understand how organisational structures and culture impact on the effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Understand how organisations can improve employee effectiveness to respond to business opportunities.
  • Understand how organisations can motivate employees in order to improve.

Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how knowledge and skills in leadership and strategic management support the creation and achievement of organisational vision and strategy.
  • Understand how to develop and communicate organisational vision.
  • Be able to manage development of own personal knowledge and skills in leadership and strategic management to support achievement of personal and organisational vision and strategy.
  • Be able to reflect on the benefits of personal development in the achievement of personal growth and organisational vision and strategy.

International Marketing

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the implications of international marketing for organisations.
  • Understand how to develop an international marketing strategy.
  • Understand the requirements of international marketing communications.

Human Resource Management

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the factors affecting human resource management strategies in organisations.
  • Understand how strategic human resource management contributes to the achievement of the strategic plans of organisations.
  • Understand how to prepare human resource management strategies for organisations.
  • Be able to develop a human resource management strategy for an organisation.

Managing Continous Organisational Improvement

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how organisations create a culture of continuous improvement and acceptance of change.
  • Be able to analyse opportunities for improvement to organisational activities.
  • Be able to plan change for organisational improvement.
Applicants must have attained the following qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University
  • English Proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Minimum 20 years of age
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience preferred
  • Applicants without bachelors degree can apply based on their work experience
Documents Required for Application
  • Duly Filled Application form
  • Academic documents (High School and Bachelor degree with transcripts)
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A copy of your passport
  • A photograph
  • Statement of purpose
  • Experience/Letter
Career Progression:

The qualifications emphasis on practical skills development alongside the development of requisite knowledge and understanding in the business sector. They are particularly suitable for more mature learners who wish to follow a study that is directly related to their work experience or to an aspect of employment that they wish to move into in due course. On successful completion of these qualifications, national recognition by employers enables learners to progress into or within employment and/or continue their study.

Academic Progression:

A possible progression path after a level 7 Extended Diploma, is to enter a university MBA top-up Programme. Students of Eaton Business School who complete the Extended Diploma are eligible to progress onto MBA (Top-up) program to complete required 60 RQF credits from select universities in UK.

Awards for Training and Higher Education provides centres with a wide variety of qualifications including, but not limited to; administration management, business, tourism, law, computing and health and social care. We have made a name for ourselves with exceptional customer service, excellent quality standards and rewarding qualifications with progression routes to university degrees.

They provide a qualification development service, bespoke training support, comprehensive university progressions, dedicated support from an ATHE officer, simple easy to use documents and website, innovative qualifications, External Verifier support, flexible delivery solutions, a global focus and a close business development relationship.

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