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Learning is evolving, so are
the learners

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Continuous learning has evolved over the years, so too have our efforts to match new standards and demands from the learners. For a working executive, the technology and tools required to continuously improve and upgrade themselves with globally recognised certifications are now available at their fingertips.

Eaton Business School (EBS), an entity of Westford Education Group, has developed an ideal learning platform to provide the best tools and resources for busy working executives around the globe. At Eaton, we truly realize the importance of giving learners the opportunity to identify real-world trends by interacting with fellow professionals from different markets and industries and to learn from industry-experienced faculties. Learners representing more than 85 nationalities make their learning journey effective through the group’s live interactive online sessions. At EBS, we do not teach. We help you learn.

Eaton Business School’s strategic partnership with accredited Universities and internationally recognised awarding Bodies in the United Kingdom and Europe provides the learners with globally accepted certifications in line with the current market trends and business requirements. Through our credit transfer options from the Master level Extended Diploma programme, the learners get direct access to the final dissertation stage of MBA/MA/MSC from reputed Universities. The Certified Manager status from the reputed Chartered Management Institute, UK gives our learners value-add for their money, time and effort. Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System helps our learners to continue their Masters or Diploma programmes that are flexible and affordable, at the comfort of their home or office. Online learning is the greatest tool for continuous learning, it is not the future, it is the NOW!

One of a kind

We at Eaton are driven by four key attributes;

Each of the 6.5 billion people in the world has 24 hours in a day. Your professional success and growth depend on how you prioritize. We focus on FLEXIBILITY in the programme delivery to ease into their daily lives and make learning simple and doable for busy working professionals. We embrace TECHNOLOGY in all its might to make acquiring knowledge easy for discerning learners worldwide. Geographical & knowledge borders become irrelevant!

We relish the diversity in culture, people and their ideas. We nurture INCLUSIVENESS among our staff and students that transcends beyond political, social and economic barriers.

We build enduring relationships that enrich our ability to innovate and initiate change. We encourage an ENTERPRISING ATTITUDE to explore opportunities and apply the knowledge acquired for a positive impact in a constantly evolving world.

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    A Global Classroom
    Learners from more than 85+ nations, from different time zones, cultures and backgrounds come together on our Online Live-Interactive classes to collaborate, engage, ideate, inspire and share experiences. They build networks and create friendships for a lifetime.
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    To serve the geographically dispersed learners keen to elevate their professional status with globally recognised Masters, Bachelors or Professional Diploma programmes, at the comfort of their home or office.

    To provide an ideal work-life-study virtual learning platform by synergising the power of technology and human domain expertise.

    Vision Statement

    To be recognised as the choice provider of management & related disciplines for working professionals in their pursuit of higher education by delivering relevant, flexible and affordable international programmes.

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    Legal and Accreditation Status
    Eaton Business School Limited, registration number 08671317, is incorporated as per the laws of England and Wales.
    Message from the Academic Director
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    Anil Ahluwalia

    Eaton Business School, a Westford Education Group entity, is committed to offering quality and flexible international programmes from Europe and the UK, to working executives across the world. Our partnerships with well-known Universities and Awarding Bodies ensure fully accredited, internationally recognised and industry-relevant programmes. Our teaching staff, student support staff, and partners are focused on one thing: your success, Success in the classroom and success in your career. And whether you take one of our programmes from the UK, Europe or the US you will always have us by your side, helping you along each step of your learning journey.

    The group has a distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities. Our professors and trainers are excellent in both research and teaching, and they are committed to providing students a top-rated business education. Many of them also have significant corporate experience and some of them even serve on various management boards. The power of technology is optimally utilized to enrich the overall learning experience of busy working professionals. Our reports indicate that our graduates have the functional and industry knowledge they expect from executive education. Our students possess the ability to get things done as effective leaders and as strong team players,
    Building networks and opportunities thereof, giving you an ideal platform for a successful personal and professional career.

    Wishing you an enriching and enjoyable learning experience and success.